When you are convicted of drink-driving, your premiums can go up dramatically. This is because the insurance companies think that they are taking a bigger risk when they insure someone who has already shown that they might drive whilst under the influence of alcohol. Some people find that they cannot return to driving when their ban ends because they just cannot afford the insurance costs.

The only way to reduce this effect is to show the insurance companies that you are not as high a risk as they think. By taking a Reform course you show that you intend not to drink-drive again. The course also gives you the information that allows you to ensure that you do not drink-drive without realising it.

The insurance brokers we put you in touch with recognise this and, although you may well pay more than you did, you should not be hit with premiums as high as you otherwise might. Although we cannot predict how this will effect individual cases, some people actually pay less than they did before!

This will not just affect you for the first year, but for many years to come after you return to driving. Some people easily save more than the cost of the course in the first year alone.