Fears & Myths

We understand that you may not be sure of what will happen on courses.

To make things clear WE DO NOT:

  • Require you to give blood or take a breath test
  • Treat you as an alcoholic or someone with an alcohol "problem"
  • Show you pictures of bad accidents

There is NO examination or test

If you have trouble with reading, writing, or speaking English, do not put off from coming to a course. We will do everything we can to help you and avoid any embarrassment. Courses are delivered in English, and if this presents any difficulty, you should contact us to discuss the matter.

We know that you are likely to be apprehensive. Amost everyone feels the same. Very few people on our courses have an alcohol "problem", and most will be in a similar situation to you.

If you have specific concerns, or have heard other stories that worry you, call us and we will try to put your mind at rest.