The Course

The name of our approved course is Reform Drink-Drive Rehabilitation Course (DDRC).

We do not use scare tactics or preach to you. The course is very practical and usually involves around a dozen people who are all in a similar situation to yourself.

The first sessions look at counting alcohol "units", and working out how long it takes for them to leave your body so that you are safe to drive.

Other sessions look at specific issues connected with drinking or driving. For example, what constitutes good driving? What are the effects of alcohol on driving? You will also look in detail at the drink driving law that catches many people out when they think they are driving legally.

The final sessions explore with you situations where you may still be at risk of driving after drinking. We help you construct your personal way of ensuring you only drive when alcohol free, and show you how to set about it. You will also be shown how to get your licence back at the earlier date, and how to receive the insurance benefits.

Most people tell us they enjoy the sessions. Although they only joined the course to get a reduced ban, and cheaper insurance, they enjoyed what they thought would be an ordeal. Some make good friends on our courses. It is not a punishment, but an opportunity to join people like yourself to ensure that they and their licence stays safe.