Reducing your Ban

We are often asked by how much a ban will be reduced. The way to find out is to check the details on the "referral order" you were given in court (You may have been asked to sign this order in court). The law says Magistrates can give up to a 25% (a quarter) reduction in your ban if you complete a course. To receive the reduction in your ban, a course must be fully completed before the completion date.

The details that help you work out when you can return to driving are also on the referral order. They may have given it as a percentage, or they may have stated the number of months, weeks, or days, that they will take off your ban.

Normally however, the reductions will be as follows:

BAN                       REDUCTION

  • 12 months         3 months
  • 14 months         3 or 3½ months
  • 18 months         4 or 4½ months
  • 24 months         6 months
  • 30 months         7 or 7½ months
  • 36 months         9 months
  • 48 months         12 months